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New Home Construction

In 2017 I was contacted to build a large sq.ft. barn for a future distillery.  Because of the future use many custom features were added. 

The existing building needed to be demolished to may room for the new barn.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to build a great vacation home for a nice couple in Little River. As well as helping them with the construction of the home we were also able to help with the interior design.  This home was constructed with the future plan on completing the upstairs. 

100 1785

100 1767

100 1844

The finished house

100 2470
100 2472100 2476Interior

In 2007 I remodeled and built an addition on my own home. 

We went from this; we called it a trouse, part trailer, part house......

OurHouseBeforeTo this home!

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Mendocino Project 2012

 a large 2-car garage with shop and an artist studio above.

Finished foundation/garage floor


Second Floor   
Exposed foundation is for a covered patio   

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